Johnny’s Workshop

July 25, 2008

Pearls before swine.

Pearl Gross likes to do a little bit of comedy once in a while about her brother Bob. You can see her well-refined act and discover her other great talent (singing) by clicking on this LINK. If you’ve not seen the video before, then by all means, take a look. I find it hard to believe you’ve got anything better to do.

As John Daker and Reva Unsicker would attest, the audience that night was comprised of unappreciative, brain-dead Philistines who wouldn’t know talent if it smacked them in the face. My tap-dancing instructor would have fit right in.

Pearl deserved better. My friend Robin agreed, so we set to work on a new version of the video; one with a livelier, albeit fickle, audience.

Making our ‘Special Edition’ was a lot of fun, too. We imported the original clip into Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, then spent several hours coming up with ideas, playing around with various edits, and gathering audio and video clips to splice into the original footage. When Robin hit the road to take part in a nationwide musical tour with the Mace Francis Orchestra, I was left to refine, finalise and upload the clip. Damn thing took a lot longer than I thought it would but just knowing it’ll accumulate a good 300+ views over the next 15 years makes it all worthwhile.


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