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March 23, 2007

Little-Known Records

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After much internal debate, I’ve decided to begin with ten samples from the single-panel cartoon series I created in 2004. Ideas for each panel were brought to life courtesy of Suzy’s artistic talent and a mutual desire of ours to become richer than astronauts.

Little-Known Records

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The idea for the series came about one day whilst sitting on the staircase with friends, leafing through a copy of The Guinness Book of Records. For some reason, the 1994 edition of the book includes a listing for “Most Inaccurate Version of Pi” which reads: “In 1897, the General Assembly of Indiana, USA enacted a bill stating that pi was de jure 4, when even the Bible manages to imply that pi equals 3.”

On seeing the record, one of us insisted, “I can do worse than that … how about 6?” to which another responded, “What about … 27,000?” Ideas for other records that had failed to make it into the GBR—such as Least Funny Nuclear Meltdown and Most Laughably Optimistic Combover—were then discussed and because we were all laughing, I thought, “Hello hello … there seems to be some potential here for a parody of The Guinness Book of Records. Better not tell the others.”

A few nights earlier, I’d promised myself that I would make more of an effort to actually write down half-decent ideas, so that one was hastily scrawled onto a piece of scrap paper and, shortly thereafter, Little-Known Records was born. I think it was a 2B pencil I used to write down the idea. Actually, no, it was probably HB.

In the weeks that followed, I came up with a total of 755 records and of those selected 50 for the cartoon series. Over a two-month period, Suzy and I worked virtually all day every day to create each of the fifty panels and the rest … is history.

Or, to put it another way, the rest isn’t worth mentioning because the series was summarily rejected by every single newspaper, magazine and publishing syndicate to which it was sent. Eventually, I just stopped sending submissions because everyone who responded gave it a lot of praise but still declined to publish. I had neither the time nor the inclination to deal with their childish head games.

I’m still hopeful the series will be published one day. I’ve just given up on finding someone willing to give it a chance. Of course, it doesn’t help that I have no connections within the publishing industry …


March 13, 2007


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