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May 13, 2008

My very first YouTube video.

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I really don’t care for that title but every time I substitute it with my original choice – “Here’s a nice piece of SHIT!” – I feel guilty for using bad language.

Back when I was deeply immersed in the world of Battlefield 2 machinima, I felt contempt for anyone who posted their work on streaming video sites. I wanted crystal-clear, high-quality versions of everything. For a while there, was the most oft-used of those streaming sites but then YouTube arrived on the scene and everyone started posting their horribly-encoded, low-res crap there instead.

Eventually, I, too, was lured in by YouTube’s siren song but I vowed that I would always provide people with high-quality versions of the same clips. All they had to do was ask. (No-one ever did.)

My very first video was posted almost two years ago to the day and has since racked up 7104 views. To put that into context, there’s a ten-minute video on YouTube called Watching Paint Dry; it’s exactly what its name implies and it has amassed 39,720 views. Quite an indictment on the quality of my own videos.

Speaking of which …

The clip was actually a response to someone’s request on the TotalBF2 forums. The game had just been patched to include vehicle drops and someone had asked whether or not it was possible to exit a flying jet or helicopter and then land in an air-dropped vehicle before it reached the ground. I can’t remember how many times I tried it before finally succeeding. Maybe it was five. Maybe it was fifteen. When you think about all the pain and suffering in the world, though, does it really matter? What’s important is that I had a problem (my abject disgust for low-quality streaming video) and I overcame it … the feel-good story of the year.



  1. Lesser known YouTube hack (and a little geekery).

    YouTube videos are usually displayed at 320×240@314kbps.

    Add &fmt=6 to the end of a YouTube url to get a higher quality version of the video (FLV1, 480×270@750kbps, 96 kbps mono MP3 @ 44100kHz)

    Add &fmt=18 and gives you the official ‘High Quality’ version (MP4 AVC video, encoded with the H.264 codec with ~120kbps AAC stereo @ 44,100kHz)

    It’s a tangent to your post’s point – but interesting nonetheless.

    Comment by Glenn — May 13, 2008 @ 6:32 pm | Reply

  2. Well, I have personally watched painted dry, and its not as crap an idea as it might seem! It sure beats watching Mariah Carey’s “Touch my Body” video! I’d sooner poke my eyeballs out than watch that sh*t again!

    By the way, I liked your video! Next time if you need some help on figuring out the coding, just give me a call. 😉

    Comment by Sheri — May 14, 2008 @ 2:58 am | Reply

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